OGRE DOG SHOW is one of the most beautiful and popular show in Latvia. Usually it goes in the summer - in the middle of July when all nature is full of flowers and sun.

Place of the show is the same many years - wonderfull Doles island, near from Riga town. But you are like in another world. Away from city's noise. Near to Daugava river - on territory of Daugavas entographic museum.

Every year, the organizers of the show specially plan the event in such a way that the participants are comfortable and interesting. A lot of time is invested in choosing experts so that your dogs are judged with quality and professionalism.

In the territory of the show, we provide participants with: convenient parking for cars (including buses and campers), grooming areas with electricity connection, special places for tents, delicious food and drinks in local cafe.

Take a look at the video of last year show

ogre dog shows in pictures

Feel the summer and show wibes!